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  1. layt


    they can do it but they just wont
  2. layt

    Plugin HELP

  3. layt


    I posted this a week ago but no one seems to care enough to even answer
  4. layt


    There is a server hosting site which is free that has this feature, sadly the way their server panel operates is no better than minehut. If only minehut has their modding system everything would be awesome.
  5. layt

    Plugin HELP

    So you now know what I've been meaning to say and I guess you don't have answers too?
  6. layt

    Plugin HELP

    For once, those plugins are already added. Second, it's pretty much clear but I'll rephrase those for you. So technically those plugins only works when you have OP privileges, gets? So when you don't have the OP privileges they don't work anymore. What I am asking for is if there is a way for the plugin to work even without the OP PRIVILEGES. To make it more clear for you OP privileges = Admin privileges (You get OP privileges by being /op'ed to the server) I hope this is VERY much clear
  7. layt

    Plugin HELP

  8. layt

    Plugin HELP

  9. layt

    Plugin HELP

    Also I'm having a problem in my server when an OP player build/or placed a block, then the other people who are not OP'ed won't be able to place/break a block in that area where the OP player placed a block.
  10. layt

    Plugin HELP

    My server has a problem with the permission stuffs of the plugins. Basically they only work when the person is OP'ed and does not work once the person has no OP privileges. Is there any thing I can do to make the plugin work without being OP'ed? https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/deathcoordinates-1-8-1-14.43318/ https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/gravy.45288/ Thanks for the answers
  11. layt


    So I have been searching for a great economy system in minecraft and I have come across this simple but good economy system because I can't find any Economy System on the plugins here in minehut so I've been wondering about having one. (If there is pls let me know, i.e able to sell/buy blocks/items, money system-that type of stuffs) https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/bukkit-plugins/quicksell
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