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So I have a skript which gives people Kits(below)

command /kit <text>:
           description: Get a Kit
           permission: getkit
           executable by: players
                      world is "ul_KitPVP":
                                 if arg 1 is "default":
                                 give player 1 wooden sword
                                 equip player with all leather armor
                                 message "&4You have equipped the Default kit"         
                                 else if arg 1 is "Cop":
                                 player has permission "kit.cop"
                                 equip player with all leather armor
                                 dye player's helmet blue
                                 dye player's chestplate blue
                                 dye player's leggings blue
                                 dye player's boots blue
                                 message "&4You don't have the &1Cop&4 Kit"
                                 message "&4The Kit %argument% isn't a kit"
                                 message "&4You are not in the KitPVP world"

and it gives me an error that says that else/else if has to be placed after a if/else if? I don't get it, as I have the if's and else if's in the correct spots(i think)


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