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I Am New Here Can Anyone Help Me?



Hello There I Am New Here And There Some Issue


1- I Was Ban For 110yr And Now They Ban Me For 1 day ---Good, I am Happy! But The  Answer Is Little Confusing For Me.


@chillins Gave The Following Answer

"Hello, thanks for appealing, you were banned because you had posted a message in chat resembling that of a spam bot during a bot raid. For future reference, please do not do this. If a bot raid is occurring remain quiet until staff can deal with the situation

Rather than unbanning you, we will be reducing your punishment to a 1 day ban "


The Confusion Is That

 I Was Playing My Own Server That Only Me And My Friends Know (Only 2 People)

And We Never Chat !

And The Day Before I Was Ban i Was Playing Alone In My Own Server....


2nd What Is "bot raid"




Other Thing Is My House In My Server Is Missing!

Detail Are Below



I am Complete New Here So Please Anybody Can Help Me Out With This!


If More Detail Are Required Regarding Both Thing i Happy To Share!


Just Comment What Info Is Required!


Thanking You





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Hey, bot raids / bot attacks happen when many automated minecraft accounts join a server / the lobbies to spam them / cause issues with them, someone might have published / found your minecraft account's password to use it as a bot in these attacks. You should immediately change it as they could be doing all kinds of things on all servers with your account

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