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Staff please help


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Okay so I think this server on minehut called kartex is scamming people's Minecraft accounts bc I joined the server and it made me verify with my Mojang username and password of course I entered some fake information but o wanted to know is it normal to have to do /verify? Or are they full of crap? Bc he keeps advertising it as Skyblock then factions then prisons it changes and I think it's bull crap staff please respond ASAP the guy who advertise the server to it Diorter thats his ingame name

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The server theme changes seem a bit sketchy, but a /verify kinda makes sense.

Its sorta like cracked servers, but not. If someone else is on your account they can't use the server without your permission. But if it says mojang password, whew so sketch.





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Question answered. Topic Locked.

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