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I am moderator on server. Recently I removed plugin called "StackMob" (Thats the name I think). The plugin stacked mobs to one. I removed it because my animals in farms were stacking up and I couldnt breed them. For example it just said "chicken - 9". After I removed it some mobs stopped droping items. For example spiders are not dropping strings or squids are not dropping ink. Please help. I checked these gamerules but all are set to true- doMobLoot - True; doEntityDrops - true; doTileDrops - true.
Please help 🙂

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Were they dropping items before you removed the plugin? Try seeing if there is another plugin that could be causing it to do that too. Maybe go to the plugins folder and try deleting the StackMobs folder if there is one, might not be the cause. See if it says anything in your server logs after you kill a mob and it drops nothing.

Here is how to get logs


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