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PlaneGlue's Apply


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Personal Questions -
 • Minecraft Username: PlaneGlue
 • Are you multilingual? No, sadly.
 • Discord Username: Plane#1590
 • Age: 15
 • Timezone: PT

Application Questions -
 • Why do you want to apply for a staff on Lift?
I've been on lift since season 2 and loved it. Today one of the moderators told me that most staff were inactive, so I decided to apply.
 • How much time can you contribute to being a staff member on Lift?

1-3 hours a day
 • Have you been staff on any servers?
Yes, many servers such as Idler, IslandGen (2016 server), and other external servers.
 • How much experience do you have as a staff member?
Well many years on being staff at servers.
 • Are you currently staff on any other servers?
Im making my own external server, but currently no.
 • Have you broken any rules on the Lift Discord or Minecaft server?

No, I have not.

Situation Questions -
 • You banned someone for hacking, the community is outraged. How would you deal with the outrage?
 I would respectfully explain why I banned that person and I would show proof, then there will be no reason to be outraged.

• Explain a situation where you might have to act mature and professional while being staff on Lift.

I would always act mature, I would still makes some jokes or something. I take my job seriously.



P.S. I made a little logo for you.


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Thanks for taking the time to apply, we appreciate all people that go out of their way to do this.
Sadly, we will be denying your application. I just don't believe there is enough detail to understand you and judge how good of a staff member you would be.

Joined in 2016,
VIP since 8th January 2018.

Contact me on discord ItzOP#2020


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