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I can't install a map


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Hey Jakie123, to upload a world, try the following:

On Minehut, we offer the ability to upload your very own world (or one you found online, we don't judge!) to your server. As long as the world size is under 500MB you're good to go!

Uploading the World

To begin the world must not contain spaces or uppercase letters. If the world is not already in a zip file, drag the folder of the world into an empty zip file (you can title it whatever you want!)
Afterwards you can choose between two methods

First Method
1. Upload the world zip to a file uploader like Mediafire, File.io, or Dropbox
2. Get the direct link to the upload, which ALWAYS ends in .zip (this is important, it won't work if you skip this step!) You can do this in most file uploaders by right-clicking on the download button and clicking copy link
3. Run the command /ul world <worldname> <direct link> in your server. (ex: '/ul world myworld https://www.file.io`)

Second Method
1. Go to the https://minehut.com/panel/minecraft/world section of the panel
2. Under Upload World click onChoose File, 
3. Select the .zip file from your computer and then click on Open

After uploading you will be able to do /worlds (requires op) and click on the name of the uploaded world
Note: if it was uploaded using /ul world the world will be called ul_NAME where NAME is what you called the uploaded world.


Also, this post belongs in community support, not general, thanks.


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Please do not necropost. If you have this same issue, then I recommend making a new thread in Community Support.


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