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Weekly Schedule June 22nd - 28th


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Hello friends! Another week of events. 1.16 releases on the 23rd, so expect events to be a bit slower while everything gets updated.

MH 2020 0622 - 0628.png

  • The 22nd is the two year anniversary of Super League Gaming buying Minehut - so we're celebrating with a little anarchy.
  • 1.16 releases on the 23rd!
  • Our Community Events Team takes over on Wednesday for an event hosted by Santio71!


We have an Icon Competition happening that ends JUNE 30TH! Don't forget to get your submissions in!


Got an event suggestion? Make sure you're in the Minehut Events Club where you can post it! We may look into doing Event Club only events or competitions in the future 😮 

Feel free to message me as well! 😋

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Minehut Manager & Support Specialist 🎮 
I'm an Animal Crossing: New Horizons pro gamer 🌅


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