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Please un-mute me accidentally externally advertised

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IGN (In game username):  CookieTheBirb

Why were you punished: I accidentally "external advertised

Proof that you are not guilty: Ok, i'm going to tell you straight up what happened. So this guy advertised his server as (an event server like skeppy) and i really wanted to join. Then when i joined he gave me a link to an external server. I then found that it didn't work and i found the guy who advertised in the lobby. I told him "Hey (playername) your server (servername) isn't working!" i said that and i quickly got muted for a month for "external advertising". i am so very sorry and i would like to be un-banned as i need it to /msg players and help support my server by advertising it. Please consider un-muting me.

Have you been punished before: yes and that was for "spam"

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