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so I am watching one of the minehut videos rn and it shows them going into a world folder and I cant find it then I wen to the url on screen, then the url went back to home not /dashboard/files. how do I get to that place on the vid or is that outdated.

the vid:


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When you are in your control panel, go to the file manager, then click on the world you want to upload/download the data pack on and then you will see a folder called datapacks. panel->file manager->world name->datapacks

This image was made by me, and Im proud of it


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Minehut supports datapacks, but they are often buggy and can be weird at times. You can install them, but I suggest not to. However, there will be better support for datapacks when the marketplace is fully released. You can either wait until then or try to recreate it using skript. (Or attempt to use it now, but I don't suggest it).

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