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IGN (In game username): SubRosa1602

Why were you punished: I was punished because I said: join minecraft.p0rnhub.com.

Proof that you are not guilty: there is no proof I was not guilty, I definitely am guilty. Yet i'm very sorry for what i have said. Everyone in chat was going wild en saying wierd stuff so i decided that is was a good idea to do the same thing. Sadly i took it a bit to far and got banned in the process. I regret doing so because i sadly can't play with my friends together. I fully support the ban since it was against the rules, but sadly i got banned for 10 decades 10 years 10 months 10 weeks 10 days 10 minutes and 10 seconds. If the ban would've been for a week, i would've waited for a week and then just play with my friends like nothing ever happend. Sadly, this ban will probably last longer than my livespan. So if i won't make this ban appeal, i would'nt be able to play with my friends on this server again. Thats why i'm asking forgiveness from the minehut gods that they will unban me. I'll never act so rash again on this server again, I promise.

Have you been punished before: No.

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