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Icon Competition!!


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☀️ Minehut Icon Competition ☀️


It's summer time! From now until September, we're looking for a new Minehut Icon. As usual, we want the community to help us out with your amazing art skills (because I'm untalented) 😄

Contrast to other icon competitions, we'll actually be using a rank we usually don't give out; [ARTIST]

Read below for more information regarding rewards and the process:

  • You're free to make it anyway you like as long as it follows the theme and includes the icon.
  • Dimensions should be 512x512
  • You should use Minehut's current and previous icons as examples (one can be found further in this post). It'll be displayed until September if you win first place, and you'll get the following:


  1. 1st Place > Artist Rank (one month) & 1500 credits
  2. 2nd Place > 1000 credits
  3. 3rd Place > 500 Credits


Submit Your Icon:

To submit your icon for the competition, follow these steps:

  1. Click here to access the form
  2. Upload your icon to imgur or gyazo
  3. Copy the image link and paste it into the form
  4. Press submit


Need An Example?:


Submissions will close on June 30th. We will upload the winning icon July 1st to our Discord.

Best of luck friends!

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Yoo this sounds like loads of fun. Good luck to all 🙂

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