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Server Destroyed


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so i was playing on my server and i downloaded a new plugin so i was restarting then while i was in the offical minehut server some people asked if anyone needed help with plugins and builds so i said yes. when we got on the server they were all nice to me but one of them went to my games and went in one i did not think about it much but when i was going to bed i rememberd i op'd them and i was hoping it was not destroyed. when i woke up today i saw that kit pvp, bow spleef, my shops, and the hangot zone were all destroyed i don't know if you guys i have a way to fix it because i forgot to make a backup.also i think you should ban the people there discords are (i am using discord because i do not have there minecraft user) HjahNor, Ryan and Tom. thank you if you guys do anything but if you don't Idk i just will be sad :[

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Sorry about what happened to you @OBMonty,


You can't recover the builds you lost. However, Minehut is coming out with backups soon. You can't do much about it as you gave them server operator. You can report these players for "Community Disruption" in the report section on the forums if you have valid video evidence. However, from what you stated I assume you don't, meaning you can't do anything about the situation. Hope the rebuilding goes well. Remember not to trust random players and give the operator for now on.

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Lemme get this straight:

You gave someone every permission on your server with no protection and then logged out for the night?

Leaving an unprotected server behind with ANYONE is risky, even if they're in survival and have no perms, they can still grief you in less than 30 minutes.

If you give them creative/op and logout, there's a chance of your server being completely griefed and crashed.


It's your fault for opping them

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