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%uuid of player% problem


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I have a problem with setting a variable with %player's uuid% and I don't see what the problem is. Do I need to add a addon?
I wrote this:

Code (Text):
  1. variables:
  2. {parkour.Snow.level.%player's uuid%} = 0

And the error is this:

Code (Text):
  1. Can't understand the type 'player's uuid'

I asked on the Skript Forums but they said I needed to use this:

Code (Text):
  1. %uuid of player%

but it still didn't work can someone help me fix this? It maybe is because of the Skript version that Minehut uses.

Code (Text):
  1. Can't understand the type 'uuid of player'


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Your using uuid of player in a variables section.


They is no player there.

It needs to be used in things such as.

command /test:
		send "%uuid of player%"

on load:
	loop players:
		send "%loop-player's uuid%"

on join:
	send "&cYour uuid is &a%player's uuid%"



Skript, HTML, CSS, PHP, Java, JavaScript, Python, Lua

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