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  1. Hello, Can someone give me a quick example for how to create or make a NPC with Skript with Skellett or other addon. Because I'm having problems with loading it in. Can also tell me other ways how to create NPC with Skript if it's possible. If it's not possible please notify me. Thanks.
  2. Will try it, but it's a bit weared because I have this problem when they updated to allow 1.16.1
  3. You should have downloaded the world with /dl world <world name>
  4. Does it? Will try in a few minutes. But if you log out and than go back in does the problem not appear again?
  5. I can sometimes join. But if i'm online other people that join get immediatly kicked and have a error message that they got to a fallback server.
  6. I'm facing this problem now because of the 1.16.1 update on Minehut
  7. I have the same problem sometimes if someone else can join I can join too. I'm still searching what the problem and solution is.
  8. Do you guys also have problems with the title, subtitle & action bar? Yesterday before the Minehut update it worked fine. But now it doesn't do anything when I'm on the server with version 1.16.
  9. I have the same problem but I shouldn't upload your world to a new server. You should wait untill someone that knows more replies.
  10. Information for what variables need to be used enc... or what needs to be done. Example: Input: -.... Output: -.....
  11. Hello, I'm in search for Builders, Helpers, Developers and Writers. The server is a parkour/PvP server! The objective is to parkour for loot and than PvP to other players or bosses. Needs: - Discord (can call (UTC+1) ) - Can build fantasy/kingdom style builds - At least be 12 years old Returns: - Get a Builder rank on Minecraft server / Discord server - Get some special cosmetics when the server is fully live - Get hired for new projects - Be in the staff team - Be able to join when the server is whitelisted for updates Get first a look on the server so yo
  12. Hello,I have a problem with setting a variable with %player's uuid% and I don't see what the problem is. Do I need to add a addon?I wrote this: Code (Text): variables: {parkour.Snow.level.%player's uuid%} = 0 And the error is this: Code (Text): Can't understand the type 'player's uuid' I asked on the Skript Forums but they said I needed to use this: Code (Text): %uuid of player% but it still didn't work can someone help me fix this? It maybe is because of the
  13. Yea, now i'm using that... I have learned!
  14. Sorry but this doesn't always work when you have a very large code otherwise I would have done that immediately.
  15. Is this plugin added already?
  16. Nice code I have been searching for a example for my own code
  17. I will not make it because I need to do also other stuff but I can show you a video that can help you it's dutch but you only have to understand the skript and without not understanding anything of Skript you can learn in the meantime
  18. You will have to make a variable list named {blocks::*} add barrier to {blocks::*} ... with block names into it and then pick a random element from it with a event of On every 20 seconds: loop all players: set {block} to random element out of {blocks::*} give player {block} to loop-player
  19. If name of player's tool is "&2Zombie&r Egg": Try this
  20. Their are a lot of examples in the Forums and on the internet of skUnity: https://skunity.com/
  21. Dear, I have deleted a code accidentally that I didn't wanna delete. Is their still a way to find it back? I didn't have reloaded it, yet. Thanks you for your attention. Sander
  22. Is the addon Kosmos for Skript on Minehut because I can't find it?
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