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How do i link a world to my server


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There are many ways to successfully link a world to your server.


Here's the easiest way for me:


Find the world download link that suits you, and download it.

Drag that file you downloaded to your desktop.

Go to dropbox.com, and create an account. Then drag the downloaded file into the workspace.

Let dropbox upload it to your account.

Click on the file, and hit "Share".

Hit generate link and copy that. The link should end with "dl=0".

Copy that link and go into your server.
Change the "dl=0" to "dl=1" (pretty much just replace 0 with 1...)

Then do this command: /ul <world name> <link>

Remember, the link shoud end with DL=1.

Restart your server, and reload into it.

Do /worlds, and you should see a world that starts with "ul" and then ends wiht the name you put for the world name.

Do /world <that world name>

Then set your spawn.


If you want to allow new players to spawn there, go to the minehut pannel at https://minehut.com and login to your minehut account.

Click on "Server Properties", and then proceed to click on "Level Name".

Type in the name of the world you uploaded to your world under "World Name". This name may look something like: ul_Spawn.


Save the new changes, and restart your server again.


You should spawn into your downloaded world!


If you have any more questions concerning this topic, feel free to message me while i'm on.

IGN: Swala_

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