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Server Staff Report #2



Ok, So Im here to talk about peoples ban appeals getting Falsely Denied by a staff member (Not You Benny). So I got on minecraft the other day and played normally and then got kicked and when I joined back I got banned. So F***ing JapaneseSquid says that I hack when NO I F***ING DONT. PLEASE DEMOTE HIM. #DemoteJapaneseSquid

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I understand I am not a moderator and my opinion is not valued within this situation, but i'd recommend not to use vulgar language within your "staff report" or "ban appeal", because instead of drawing attention to the "abusive" staff member, you're drawing attention to yourself and as a result, you may suffer a punishment within the forums as well as in game.

Also, as far as I know, no player nor staff member can be punished justly without sufficient evidence, so you should get on that. If you're banned, you were banned for a reason. If you were banned and then continued to make a ban appeal that got denied, chances are you did something wrong and you must go through the punishment applied if the ban is not permanent. 



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