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    1. P1KE


      And can you shut up? You literally full on toggled aura and even the anti cheat picked that up. Your comments are immature and you’re quite frankly not helping your case, especially since this isn’t the first time you hacked.

    2. fdsfd123


      Mr staff someone is someone See this message hear me Stripexe is a hacker she unban her self she dont have console she just 9 years WTF how she got hacks but she got friends to unban her Super_King_Pro and Jacebyt stripexe give them everything to help her pls ban this 3 names whati said in this text IF they asking to get unbanned DONT unban her she will prank u like hey i did nothing bla bla bla more but more pls dont unban her Ban them forever SHE WILL GET REVENGE TO US HELP US SERVER OR THEY KILL US

  2. Username: DaFakeTigero6 What punishment did you receive: Killaura - Perm Ban Was the punishment fair: No Why should you be unpunished: I Dont have a hacked client on my computer at all. I have not hacked on warzone before. I am only good at pvp What were the events that led to your punishment: A Permanent Ban Additional comments: I WILL KEEP POSTING IF YOU DENY
  3. Ok, So Im here to talk about peoples ban appeals getting Falsely Denied by a staff member (Not You Benny). So I got on minecraft the other day and played normally and then got kicked and when I joined back I got banned. So F***ing JapaneseSquid says that I hack when NO I F***ING DONT. PLEASE DEMOTE HIM. #DemoteJapaneseSquid
  4. Also I Forgot I Joined Back On BLC To Get A ScreenShot
  5. Username: DaFakeTigero6 What punishment did you receive: Kill Aura Was the punishment fair: No, It was not Why should you be unpunished: Well, I tried playing on the original minecraft (not badlion client) so I could try a challenge. Then, the anticheat apparently kicked me so I joined back and then I got banned. What were the events that led to your punishment: It resulted in a perm ban which made me have to appeal again. Additional comments: None
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