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Staff Applications


Hello and welcome to the official Kristall staff applications guide.

There are many requirements needed to apply so make sure you follow them before doing so.

There is a long application process that will be displayed at the end of the guide,

this process is important to make sure we're getting the most mature and deserving staff members.

Your application will be reviewed with 24-48 hours.



Below are some of the requirements to become staff. Exceptions can be made depending on your application quality.

Please note: if you don't meet any of the requirements or make a non serious application your application will be instantly denied and

you may receive punishments depending on the severity of it.

You must be 14+

We want maturity and experience on our staff team. 14 is a good age to round it at, we believe 13

year old's or younger have a tendency to lack maturity.

You must have an almost clean reputation

Its important the person applying has a good reputation on the server. We want to know that your going to do good for it.

Maturity + Activity

We expect a high amount of maturity and activity. You must have past experience on other MC servers

and also played Kristall for a various amount of time.

Make your own application

Do not try to steal anyone's application from online, we will find out and you will become blacklisted from applications we

want our staff members to be independent and unique.


The Application Process

Once you've been accepted you will have to go through a process.

You will be added to the staff discord where you will get to know our current staff team if you don't already.

You will be given a week to do your interview which will be you and an interviewer answering questions.

We don't want to go to into detail as its a secretive process so we'll leave it at that.

After a week you will either be accepted/denied


Thats the application process you can click here














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