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  1. Thank you for sending us this report. Azxre_ has been added to our files and we are going to track them down. Sorry it took so long to reply EDIT: Is your server called "AzGe?"
  2. Hey! I saw your video where you join Minehut using bedrock, could you please tell me how? Thx a lot!

    1. .DeadRaider37


      I used GeyserMC to do this. https://geysermc.org/

  3. arcade-1581366063541.mp4 Earlier today (20 minutes before I posted this) I joined Minehut through Minecraft: Kindle Fire edition. I know what your thinking: "That's Impossible!" But, there is no better way to prove something, than video evidence . (No one even seems to care in the video, so I hope you care from reading this.)
  4. That looks like a major improvement! I'm excited!
  5. I was just on my server, building a new minigame, and the Server stopped. I went to minehut.com just to find that it went into Hibernation. Is this normal for it to go into hibernation when I'm on it? It was only up for 3 minutes when this happend
  6. .DeadRaider37

    Hibernation Bug

    My Server keeps going into hibernation when I am using it. It is very weird and annoying. Does Anyone know how to fix this, or is it just a Minehut Problem?
  7. My old account was just DeadRaider37
  8. Never Mind, I just started a new account
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