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  1. just remove the link to the pack and it won't upload to the players any longer.
  2. They added the Sha1 and the error stopped in the log. but still the pack does not work, at this point I really don't know anymore
  3. Actually the file size was over the limit, Sha1 hashes help the pack download and upload easier but was for some reason displaying when the limit was hit, its fixed now. However direct access would still be helpful Edit: its not fixed actually, my friends dont get the pack however I do, still have the Sha1 error in the log
  4. EthanYatsumaru

    Resource Pack Help

    this is happening to me too, I could actually fix it if I had direct access to server.properties but sadly you cannot manually edit it
  5. both, can use a cloud system to use my desktop pc on my laptop.
  6. Im aware there is a custom GUI for this but its not as good as actually editing the file, can add resourcepack but not a sha1 hash which I need for it to function. This means I can't have a pack without permission to manually change it.
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