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  1. This would disable all redstone. I was just wondering if there was a way to disable a circuit that repeats itself, to reduce lag.
  2. Not familiar in this category, reply if you have a viable answer.
  3. Harro

    broken plugins

    worldedit is also bugged
  4. Worldedit is pretty broken in the new 1.15 update. So far I've noticed, pasting things from clipboard does not keep blocks directions and certain nbt data. FAWE (FastAsyncWorldEdit) is completely broken and doesn't work at all. You literally can't even use the wand. Worldedit is a essential to the majority of servers and it needs to be fixed/updated asap
  5. Harro

    Skript is skrewed

    I don't know if this is just me having problems, or is skript totally effed. Like next to nothing is working for me rn. Even though only 1 skript addon is in red in /pl Even for stuff not associated with the addon it's still buggy af imo minehut should wait for plugins and stuff to update before updating themselves
  6. and you can see, the dev team have their map coming a long really nicely for the insightful rpg in the works right now!
  7. As you can tell, the darkspire development team are very hard at work
  8. Harro

    Signing out

    Change the sign out feature in the forum to have a choice of just logging out typing in different credentials or connecting to panel.
  9. Harro

    Gif Profile Pic?

    < This pops up every time I try to do it? @Ninventoo
  10. Harro

    Resource Pack Help

    I've made my own custom resourcepack for my server, it works if I just equip it myself or send it over to someone to download for themselves. But I can't seem to get it to work on Minehut, like I've tried mediafire, file.io, and dropbox. I've also tried putting =1 instead of =0 at the end of dropbox link to force download, still didn't work. I've asked discord, some friends on minehut and looked up solutions and can't seem to figure it out. Please help
  11. Harro

    Gif Profile Pic?

    How to turn your pfp to a gif?
  12. Harro

    Signs not working

    @WaterFireCraft Yeah I'm WELL aware with vanilla signs, block data and all that. I've developed for years on MH and for some reason there's just this bug where deopped players can't use the vanilla signs, as it works perfectly normal for opped players however.
  13. only if tebbi would add the combat system lol
  14. Harro

    Signs not working

    I have a sign that is used as a queue sign, yknow the deal. For some reason it's not working? It'll only work for players with OP. I've tried adding countless amounts of permission nodes and I've looked through the config. Can't seem to find a solution, Someone please help thanks
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