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  1. CustomCrafting & WolfyUtilities Crazy Enchantment Updated version => https://jenkins.badbones69.com/ Its outdated.
  2. Minehut is still able to add 1.16 as it still hasn't been completely removed.
  3. Minehut is still able to add 1.16 as it still hasn't been completely removed.
  4. Please update this plugin https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/customcrafting-advanced-custom-recipe-plugin-1-14-1-16-x-free.55883/ The Current version of Custom Crafting is outdated.
  5. Well if Minehut can contact I got his discord. GC#0830
  6. https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/64124/update?update=407668
  7. Some modded survival server really need some epic custom enchant they want in the server, but some of the custom enchantments that currently available in the plugin list aren't that useful. So I found this premium plugin and its on summer sale so it would be cheaper for minehut to afford it or somehow get it. And I believe many people would like this plugin as its very nice and perfect for rpg server. It has over 200 Custom Enchants! The plugin also offer Custom Mob Drops, Itens such as Scrolls, Trackers, etc.. Plugin : https://advancedplugins.net/item/AdvancedEnchantments.1 Plugin's wiki page : https://ae.advancedplugins.net Plugin's Enchant creator : http://ae.advancedmarket.co/create.php
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