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  1. As seen on Rule #1 on the Server rules section of the rules (See that information tab at the top?) I was just wondering if SouthPVP was violating EULA because the donator mine is a way for the donators to be sheltered from the default players and they could also mine there and get money without having to worry about the majority of the players. Also, last time, there was also a place you could buy health pots and god armour or something but it was only for donators, but even though thats gone I'm still sure SouthPVP is slightly breaking EULA.
  2. Also add a 'Recent commands' list so you can reuse commands
  3. As stating back to the first time this been suggested, multiple times, adding this WILL allow users to upload harm or malicious software to attack or stop minehut functioning. (Requesting lock)
  4. So this is my 1st post on the new forums (No hate) The idea: So its basically as it says in the title, unlimited players. It costs 300 Credits per day. (Why, See spoiler for reasoning) Reaching this means there needs to be more ram allocated. Pros: Allows big servers to not have to worry about hitting the max. No lag for the big servers full of laggy skript plugins as it will have unlimited ram (I think) Big youtubers can make servers on Minehut possibly attracting players. People planning on making a very big server can use the players of minehut as a source of players Cons: Most servers won't reach past 75 players (the current max) so they won't need it. Unlimited ram is a bit hard to make. Most people will disagree with this idea as it wont effect them only other around them.
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