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  1. See I can achieve stuff what I would like to lmao. Solid face though! I'm ready for the next challenge Mr @Vinixs
  2. Smh... @BennyDoesStuff Why not 200 smh.. How dare you only update 110 plugins... We expect better from you, Of course this is a joke enjoy reading this small font!
  3. Yes you see the title correctly! @Vinixs has officially given us a goal to reach for his face reveal! He has told me that if he gets to 100 reputation he will be revealing his face! Once again congrats on your promotion on becoming a Moderator @Vinixs Good luck! Proof; Current status;
  4. Time to follow for that face reveal smh.



  5. I would suggest asking a friend to log on to the server and trying to get the server invite for you! Thanks, Logical
  6. Hey! This issue has been occurring to a few players recently and I would suggest making regular backups! To make a backup do /dl world (world_name) If this issue happens again you can simply upload the latest backup you have! ~~ ~~ How to upload a world? Name example: world_light or light ( NO capitals or spaces in world name use _ if you want a space.) Name example: this_is_a_example_name Zip the world folder... sample : ( https://gy
  7. I don't think minehut has a plugin like this at the moment but you are always more then welcome to suggest plugins to minehut at the following link! Link; https://forums.minehut.com/forum/20-plugins/ Thanks, Logical
  8. Hey, Yes, a lot of users have the same issue! Could you get the logs and submit it here then I could check for what's causing it! Thanks, Logical
  9. You can't appeal a player server punishment here! Most player servers have a discord server where they allow appeals/reports!
  10. Hello, Could you please send the logs uploaded to either of the links below? https://hastebin.com/ https://pastebin.com/
  11. Hello, [08:01:17] [WorldEdit Task Executor - 2/ERROR]: Uncaught exception occurred in task: Loading schematic airship3 java.util.zip.ZipException: Not in GZIP format I think this may be the error for why the Schematics are not working for you. The file is not in a GZIP format according to this line of logs.
  12. Hello, I would suggest going through the logs to see the error. If you don't understand logs feel free to dm me on discord or ask here!
  13. Bedrock Edition You can play Minehut on bedrock edition now! All Minehut servers are now cross play. That means that you can connect to Minehut servers with Minecraft Bedrock. There's nothing special you need to do, it's automatically applied on all servers. You'll notice bedrock users because they have an asterisk(*) in front of their username. Version: 1.14.60 Connect: bedrock.minehut.com port 19132 Devices: iOS, Android, Win10 Bedrock support is currently in beta. If you notice things that don't work or don't work as well as they should, let us
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