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  1. Hello, Could you please send the logs uploaded to either of the links below? https://hastebin.com/ https://pastebin.com/
  2. Hello, [08:01:17] [WorldEdit Task Executor - 2/ERROR]: Uncaught exception occurred in task: Loading schematic airship3 java.util.zip.ZipException: Not in GZIP format I think this may be the error for why the Schematics are not working for you. The file is not in a GZIP format according to this line of logs.
  3. There isn't need to change anything really this would be an addition only to be fair!
  4. They have already discussed this and they will not be increasing the voting amount! You can vote for a month and have a monthly plan meaning you would save credits than if you'd just do daily plan.. Minehut isn't free to run they have to support themselves to keep running. Trent has even said it on the main discord that they put 100% of the profits back into the server to keep it running..
  5. Minehut Bundles Instead of only selling credits for real life money why not start selling more stuff for real life money! As most of you know you can only purchase credits at the moment from minehut, with credits you can go and spend it on server plans, server slots, icons and ranks! With bundles you could get these for a little cheaper then buying it all individually making minehut still profit somewhat on the stuff they sell! Having bundles could be a great addition to minehut as it could look interesting and useful for players to purchase it! Example bundle: - Vip rank - 600 credits - Uncommon server icon For 18$ only! While it would be 18$ to buy it for real life money lets convert it into buying credits and buying them individually 1500 credits for vip rank 600 credits 900 credits for uncommon server icon This amount of credits is a total of 2900 credits this would roughly cost you 24$ to purchase individually! By purchasing the bundle you would save 6$! Types of bundles you could be selling Monthly (Once per month but could be on a cycle) Limited (would stay around for 1-3days or so) Weekly (Can be purchased once a week but is on a cycle maybe) Basic (2 times) Expert (1-3 times purchasable) Advance (1-2 time purchasable) etc.. Of course the prices of bundles should be depending on the stuff included! Note: I am not good with pricing stuff this is only an example! Note2: Yes I also have suggested this on the meta discord but the more feedback the better to be honest
  6. Hello, I would suggest going through the logs to see the error. If you don't understand logs feel free to dm me on discord or ask here!
  7. Bedrock Edition You can play Minehut on bedrock edition now! All Minehut servers are now cross play. That means that you can connect to Minehut servers with Minecraft Bedrock. There's nothing special you need to do, it's automatically applied on all servers. You'll notice bedrock users because they have an asterisk(*) in front of their username. Version: 1.14.60 Connect: bedrock.minehut.com port 19132 Devices: iOS, Android, Win10 Bedrock support is currently in beta. If you notice things that don't work or don't work as well as they should, let us know! - server.minehut.gg doesn't work. You have to /join from the lobby
  8. Yes, you can find exact world names by doing /worlds
  9. They wouldn't have it as they no longer support doing rollbacks for players.. Why would they have a "backup" if they didn't do rollbacks Also if they would then they would have to do a rollback which they don't...
  10. When you unlink an account it says how long you can't link an account for...
  11. You can always goggle stuff like that and use the plugins website to find out more information! https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/ultimate_economy.59235/
  12. This option is unavailable on the minehut services! You can access most files allowing to copy & paste files but you cannot extract files
  13. You can customise your settings with the following commands; /settings private-messages on/off/Friends /settings friend-requests on/off /settings friend-teleport on/off /settings player-finding on/off /settings lobby-glow on/off
  14. . Yes, you can connect 10 players/accounts to one sever on the free plan! For the console / web panel sides you can only link one account to receive credits when voting
  15. No. You do not have to claim the credits. You should receive the in 5-10mins after voting
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