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  1. Have you been watching SMP Earth and seeing them using airplanes, You might be thinking, man I wish I could have that in minecraft, but couldn't get the mod. I think having a plugin with the plane system would be perfect. 1. for travels 2. It could make gameplay even fun. 3. They do have like seats. I think it could make traveling a bit easier.
  2. sorry for late response but ty
  3. New update, also idk if this is right section
  4. Tittle ( Is there a chance to add mods to minehut) the server
  5. Hey can u update Minehut to like support the plugins in 1.14.4 such as myskin a mod recommended me to say it in forums
  6. Okay so, this so my first time posting so don't be ad at me if I get in the wrong topic. Anyways, minehut should add new mods (or plugins) such as lucky blocks, the plugins in the plugins are good, but not as much and just random stuff....
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