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  1. RedSus

    Gradient Chat?

    It gives a error: Functions cannot be used here (or there is a problem with your arguments). (line 42: set {_msg} to gradient(message, (255, 0, 0), (51, 102, 255))
  2. Alright, I may be wrong but it looks like luck perms is outdated according to https://minehut.xyz/plugin/plugins luckperms is in the version 5.1.26 and the latest version is 5.2.40 Link: https://luckperms.net/
  3. Its simple, post here what server you think is the best minehut server and why. (Needs a good reason so dont just put your own server here)
  4. RedSus

    Gradient Chat?

    Hello, I found a site that allows you to make gradient texts (https://colorize.fun/en/minecraft) and i would like to know if theres any way to make gradient text in chat.
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