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  1. ah yes, the server in which i waited to play for an hour, then it broke, then i joined the discord for help and got banned. lovely server.
  2. +1 to all of this besides Getting unused server names. I personally think getting unused server names would be a bad update, everything else I really want!
  3. Hey, just wanted to introduce myself to the forums. This may or may not stay as my account because I've been having problems with my forums account and when I tried to talk to an admin he decided to ignore me. So, if this will stay as my forums account, hello. I'm using the name "RealJake0125" because like I said I had problems with my account and I made an account under the name of "Jake0125" but I broke that account somehow and now the username is taken. Back to the introduction, I'm the owner of the server "Idler", and before you all flame me about it, i'd like to clear some stuff up. • Idler is not responsible for the bots. A lot of forum posts I've read about Idler already know this, but just wanted to make it clear. • I do not care if you hate or dislike Idler, please just keep it to yourself. We don't need people replying to every forum post that includes the word "Idler" with "Idler sucks". • This forum post will most likely look REALLY bad to you, but that's because I don't commonly use text editing systems like this. • Unsure weather or not Idler will have a club, I know Tresre made one but then my "Jake0125" account broke and now I don't know where it is. • May be a really bad introduction, but I don't care. It's just here to let you all know I am on forums now. • My account, at the time of writing this, is not set up.
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