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  1. tskopen

    server broke HELP

    i only have one email
  2. we should be able to delete our account withouts asking for support i need to delete my account but i cant without waiting for a week to do it!
  3. tskopen

    server broke HELP

    how do i delete my account? do i have to make a support ticket?
  4. tskopen

    server broke HELP

    ok Great! thanks for the Help
  5. tskopen

    server broke HELP

    im not talking about moving a world to another server im talking about deleting my account remaking it and then putting the world in that account to fix the server is that allowed ik that downloading a world and moving it is a allowed
  6. tskopen

    server broke HELP

    nono i dont have over 12 plugins i would have been told if i did and when i reset my server it would have removed them all and it would be fixed with did not happen but do you know the answer to my question of restarting me account?
  7. tskopen

    server broke HELP

    so my server wont start now i did repair the files i reset the world i reset the server i did all that about 1000000000 times ive forced hibrenated it i contacted support ive done all that and nothing has worked buti got a idea my othere server is fine so i can download that world and the broke server has nothing on it but i want to use it so i can download the working world then delete my minehut account then make it again then make the servers again upload the world and my other server will work ive bought no credits i only have 225 from voting but idc about them really the only thing im wo
  8. tskopen


    It says tested so i thought that it may works on 1.15.2 but not known and ill look at skript Thanks!
  9. tskopen


    anyone else think this would be a good plugin>?
  10. you can do /seed and copy the seed to a smile finder on the internet no plugin is needed
  11. tskopen


    I see how you could use this
  12. tskopen


    Hello so im making a elytra map and i would like a better way for players to gain speed for i dont need to give them fireworks with commands where they can spam it i can just use this pluglin it could aslo help players if they have elytra flying when you are waiting for a game please think about putting it in the plugin is spigot and its called SuperElytra Thanks! Tskopen
  13. tskopen

    link account

    how do I link my account to my profile?
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