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  1. did none of you even read what i said? i said we should only combine it if both servers in our account are free plans
  2. It would be awesome if we can choose our own pictures to be displayed in the minecraft multiplayer server list. The server icon things would be the same tho, the signs, gunpowder, diamonds and the other stuff. but to still let people know its a minehut server there should be a tiny transparent minehut logo at the bottom right. this would be really awesome if we can chose the image, and we should be able to report people who have inappropriate images too. im not asking for this to be displayed in the server list that we see in the hub, only in the multiplayer server list on your minecraft
  3. What if minehut puts ads in every server plan and knocks off 2 dollars off of all the credit prices. that would work right? cuz they would still make money from ads
  4. Wow u actually did the math. Thanks bro. Wanna add my discord? I'll show u my server. My discord is aaronboibuttz#6883. Maybe pls explain that one last time for me so it's more clear. Thx.
  5. Minehut, pls stop making super expensive server plans to steal money from innocent little kids that just want to make a server for people to have fun on. I'm not telling you to make it all free, but even a few dollars knocked off the server plan price would be great. Since I live in canada USD to CAD is very different. I would have to pay about 300 dollars a year in order to afford MH75. And I own a minigame server. That means I need lots of player slots. I'm only 13 and I dont even have a job yet, I can only be able to afford the right server plan with my allowance. And I'm trying to save up
  6. Yea me too! My developer said that prefixes and suffixes aren't working for ranks and luckperms! And that only happened right after there was a new version of vault available!
  7. So I decided to add anarchy and survival into my minehut minigame server, but I have no Idea to not let grief prevention work in the anarchy world. I only want grief prevention to work in the survival world. Is it possible to let a plugin work in a certain world?
  8. So my developer was setting up ranks on our new server just like always, and he said that prefixes and suffixes aren't working. I think it's because the vault plugin needs to be updated. Is anyone else having the same problem setting up prefixes and suffixes too?My developer has set up prefixes and suffixes many times before and we have never had this issue. I'm sure it has something to do with vault having a new version available.
  9. yes but what if minehut only lets you combine it for 2 servers that you have. even if a person had 30 server slots they would be allowed to combine 2 of the 30 into 1
  10. Reassembly, its just simple math. minehut isnt losing anything at all if combining server plans are possible. lets say u have 2 cups of coke. You pour one of the cups into the other. Now you have more coke in one cup but u dont have 2 cups anymore, you only have one. I would like to hear a response from someone who actually works for super league, like maybe their developers or someone with authority.
  11. 20 players and 24 plugins isnt even that much tho. there are plenty of other servers hosts that let you go over a few hundred players and plugins. We also wouldnt get more because we lose one server slot on our account in order to do this
  12. How would this cost minehut money? Its just like taking off one shoe from your right foot and putting it on your left. That makes your left foot have 2 shoes, but the right foot doesnt get anything. People would still have to pay if they wanted a better plan than that. I was hoping that this could just be a thing for the free plan.
  13. i think it would be really helpful and a lot of other people agree too. A lot of people dont want to pay or go through the trouble of voting everyday
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