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  1. Yes i DO know how to vote, how do u think i bought this in the first place? Welp, it'll be another 20 days to make back my credits.
  2. I bought the redstone ore server icon today thinking it would be a great start to winter break. After i bought it, only a few moments later Minehut announced that there was a sale on EVERYTHING. I had spent 500 of my hard earned credits buying that icon just to know that I could've bought it for WAY less if I had just waited for a bit longer. I have been asking around all day trying to get a refund so I can repurchase my icon and save some money. I would really appreciate some help in the season of giving. Thanks! Discord: aaronboibuttz#6883 IGN: AaronBoiBumz
  3. Yea me too! My developer said that prefixes and suffixes aren't working for ranks and luckperms! And that only happened right after there was a new version of vault available!
  4. So I decided to add anarchy and survival into my minehut minigame server, but I have no Idea to not let grief prevention work in the anarchy world. I only want grief prevention to work in the survival world. Is it possible to let a plugin work in a certain world?
  5. So my developer was setting up ranks on our new server just like always, and he said that prefixes and suffixes aren't working. I think it's because the vault plugin needs to be updated. Is anyone else having the same problem setting up prefixes and suffixes too?My developer has set up prefixes and suffixes many times before and we have never had this issue. I'm sure it has something to do with vault having a new version available.
  6. Everyone loves Minehut. Who doesn't!? Minehut is one of my most favorite server hosters in the world, but i wish the server plans could be more affordable. I request that the default server plan should be 50 max players and 20 max plugins. that would really save us some time and money. this would really mean a lot if Minehut would change the default server plan. Thanks Minehut! My discord is aaronboibuttz#6883 My IGN is AaronBoiButtz
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