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  1. I agree with this. CPanel and many independent Minecraft Server hosting services offer a setting where someone can login using a Username/Password combo, then only access those things they were given permission for, be it files or directories, and so on. I've seen some decent servers fall because they trusted someone who said "I'm a Dev" then they got their server trashed, sometimes deliberately. Providing this feature wouldn't cure careless staff choices made by the Owners, but it would at least help mitigate some of the risk.
  2. Obviously, this is aimed at those who actually get to know the other people on Minehut, who have conversations with the community, and who take the time to know the people who join their subservers. Learn how to tell players apart. Nobody's impressed by owners who treat everyone who enters their server like a rabid 12 year old looking to spam, grief and cause problems. We come from different backgrounds, and while many of Minecraft's player base are extremely young and immature youths, there are others (some youths included) who are chill, mellow, and who have a good head on their shoulders. This isn't aimed at any one person, I'm applying this to myself as well: treat every new name like a clean slate, and get to know them. There are a ton of trolls out there on the internet, who use sincere-seeming language to troll and harass other people, but that's no excuse to then act like everyone you encounter is a troll, or a troublemaker. Having run online communities for some 15+ years, and not having a hasty nor impulsive bone in my body (at least no more than the bare minimum any other human might have), I do resent the dismissive tone and language a lot of the older players use towards everybody, as if they're the only older players on Minehut. No human being is innately "better" than any other, I'm just saying that it's important to judge a person (if one must judge) on the basis of their merits, not based on a stereotype of Minecraft players (or even Minehut stereotypes). Now, if someone has been finding themselves lumping in every minehut player, and treating them like they're all the same, I'm game for hearing what your experiences have been and why you have acquired that habit, as well as what you might be doing to get away from that habit.
  3. I could spawn into the middle of a vast wilderness, no Holographic Displays, no signs with rules on it, no indication of what to do. I could spawn into the most flashy ripped-from-the-Schematics-website Spawn, there could be Ender Chests, Anvils, dragon heads, etc. I could span into some Minimalist spawn that just has maybe a platform with a list of commands, and then nothing but wilderness all around. I could span into a chunk that basically only has portals into different biomes all around me. You know what's going to decide whether I enjoy it or not? The Staff. Here are some questions I would ask myself: 1.) Are the staff social and friendly towards everyone? 2.) Do the staff do a thorough investigation (including talking to someone) before doling out punishments? 3.) Do the staff have a cavalier attitude when acting in their capacity as staff, performing Kicks and Bans, or go "lmao" after? 4.) Can the staff answer questions without being irritable and rude? 5.) If the Owner or his/her staff takes disciplinary action in error, will they undo it if it's pointed out that they acted in error? 6.) Is the Owner and/or their staff, quick to act, and slow to think and analyze a situation? 7.) If you tell the Owner they acted in error, offer to show proof, will they listen or just keep parroting "UR WRONG, U DESERVE BAN"? The Community 1.) Are the members able to have lucid, sensible conversations? 2.) Are there a bunch of hyperactive kids running around swinging their weapons on everyone? 3.) When someone loses, are they a good sport about it, or do they become toxic? (and do staff handle the toxic ones?) 4.) Are players who don't solely use slang or "txt speak" ridiculed and harassed for it? (ie: "/r/iamverysmart" remarks) 5.) When you bring up serious issues (people using hacked clients or bullying other members), is the reaction to your input positive or negative? The "/plugins" and "/help" Commands I can't stress this enough, neither /PL nor /HELP bring any risk to a server nor its operation. If someone thinks they're being clever by using Skript or another plugin to hide the Plugins, or to hide /HELP (which merely lets us see which commands we're allowed to use), I'm not going to be impressed. That shows me that they took the time to conceal perfectly harmless Vanilla elements of a Minecraft Server, rather than other things I will probably encounter that probably should have been a higher priority.
  4. People need to learn how to listen before they can become adept at anything. Not listening when someone is explaining how you're wrong, and can provide actual proof, and you're just ignoring everything they say and repeating the same arguments over and over and over again? You're probably not going to get very far. So much for being a quick learner! There are far too many on Minehut who think they've become good, but they're actually pretty unskilled and inexperienced, and too hardheaded to listen when people try to offer them constructive feedback. They listen to flatterers who will sink their server in a few weeks' time, but will be rude towards people offering them solid advice, even offering references (from official sources) to back up the feedback they're providing. Minehut is a small pond. While I encourage people to try out MC Server Ownership in such a small, controlled setting, I wouldn't advise anyone to really get their hopes up for a server whose staff personify maturity, professionalism and integrity. I'll think twice before ever again donating even $5 (let alone more) to a sub-server whose owner's intelligence I haven't really seen evidence of for at least a few weeks or so. When you find the six or so good servers on Minehut, don't do anything to screw it up for yourself, because it isn't like there's a whole ton of good servers to choose from. I'm holding on tight to the six I found, because all everyone else seems to be trying to do is to use their server to provide live examples of what a bad server (or bad business model) looks like. Don't even get me started on the kind of head case who accepts my money in PayPal, who lets me hype his server/service to other Minehut users, then bans me from his forums for a legit (allegedly "trolly") staff app that literally outlined 15+ years of Online Community administration, web development and entrepreneurial experience. The guy was just a scumbag, no way around it. He wasn't the first scumbag, I'm sure he won't be the last. He definitely won't ruin me on continuing to look for actual promising talent on Minehut to support and contribute towards.
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