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This is the official club for the server Farcade on the Minehut forums!

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    • I understand ad botting is an issue, but if my two accounts that got banned were actually looked into it would be hard to claim I'm using a bot. The explanation I got was that it is impossible for those accounts to be adding for 12 hours straight. Initially when I saw this I was confused because today I have not been awake for 12 hours. I realized they must have been talking about yesterday. This weekend there was massive update on the server I was advertising. So yeah I did ads for the most part ALL day yesterday.  0 bots. It was a saturday. This customer support agents claim that it is "impossible" to ad for that long is absurd. As a college student I spent a lot of time at my computer. So yes I was occasionally switching tabs throughout the day to ad. But even then the ads were sporadic and often I would switch the ads up. Probably these accounts wont get unbanned until the time is up. However I still urge you to seriously look into this in the future as you genuinely made a mistake by banning two legend ranks (which are very expensive). It is as simple as that, you messed up. 

    • so i wanna have 1.8 players on my 1.17 server. right now i have viaversion, viabackwards, and protocolsupport, but it's not working.

      please help.

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