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how do i give people certain permissions for certain commands


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You can do that with a permissions plugin like pex or luckperms, both are a great option whichever you choose to use, here’s a tutorial to get your started on both

**__Creating ranks with LuckPerms__**

Please watch this tutorial on the Minehut Youtube to learn how to create ranks with LuckPerms (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FU_tK-zYYb4)

**Ranks with PermissionsEX**

Ensure that you have `Vault` and `Essentials Chat` as well as `PermissionsEX` installed first.
To create ranks you will need the `permissions.*` permission, to get this go to console and type `/pex user (your name) add permissions.*`
Once you have that permission you can begin to make ranks, start by executing the command `/pex group (rank) create` to create the rank.
Then to add a permission do `/pex group (rank) add (permission node)`
To remove the permission do `/pex group (rank) remove (permission node)`
To add a prefix/suffix to the rank do `/pex group (rank) prefix/suffix set (prefix or suffix)`
To add a player to the rank type `/pex user (user) group set (rank)`

**NOTE** For permission nodes you can often find them by typing in `(plugin) permission nodes` into google

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