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  • Server IP Address: Vollball.minehut.gg
  • Server Website: N/A
  • Server Discord: https://discord.gg/3SdVnKKGkW
  • Server Owner: SoloStrafe
  • Contact Email: Unknown
  • Short description: Server is an implementation of the real-life sport volleyball. Server is simple to learn and supports up to 5 players per team 
  • Primary gamemode: Minigames
  • Why do you believe this server should be featured?: This server should be featured because it's a well created and unique server to minehut. It can act as a good relaxation server and I believe the effort that has gone into this server deserves more recognition.

Default: Feb 6 2018

VIP: April 14 2019

Jr. Mod: September 12 2020

Mod: Jan 11 2021


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