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All addons are incompatable



I made a server and every single one of the minehut addons says that it is incompatible an I cant put it on the server. Also whenever I follow it into the download page and download the version same as the server (1.20.4) and I add it into the plugins folder it still does not work on the server. Is there a way to fix this or is it an issue on my end?

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Posts seeking support go in the Help Category. Post moved.

Don't use the add-ons tab, it gets very outdated. Add all plugins yourself.

When downloading a plugin, make sure it's compatible with the server version, put the jar in the plugins folder, and restart your server. Oh, and make sure your server is a Paper server, not Spongeforge or Fabric (mods and plugins are different!)

If it doesn't add your plugin still, please post back with your latest.log.

latest.log can be retrieved by following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to File Manager
  2. Enter the logs folder
  3. At the bottom of this folder, lie a latest.log TXT file
  4. Download that file & upload it here

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