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Introducing myself Phantom_Fire7!

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Heyya, Phantom aka Phantom_Fire7 I have decided to make a formal introduction as I have recently joined Volunteer Moderation Team!

Hello! My name Phantom and my username is Phantom_Fire7, I have been playing minehut for the past 4 years(since 2020) and have got to experience a lot of exciting moments while on this community! I am 19 years old(he/him) I am excited to be here and help minehut and its community grow ❤️! I love to play video games specially(Valorant, Lethal company, and many more). I also love watching football and cricket! I am a big fan of tea! Will be happy to help ya'll around! ❤️

Thank you soo much for reading! Have a lovely day!


Discord - phantom_fire7

In-Game Name - Phantom_Fire7


Default - 2020-2021

♡ [VIP]  - 2022-2023

Volunteer Moderator - 2024-Current


Report player/server: Report here.
Create a support ticket: Submit a request.


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