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New unique server idea


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Hello everyone, i am from denmark and were im from there is a really popular server idea called N-PRISON,

What is an N-PRISON?

An N-PRISON Is a shortcut for Normal-Prison 

Its not like your typical op-prison/prison you guys have in your english servers its more like

You spawn out in a jail where there is spawn, pvp, jailcells, mine, and there is guards

The guards have a tower that they can get their gear in and buffs and repair

We mostly put the things in a gui or clickable signs

Guard kit is:

Gold helmet with unbreaking 3 protection 3

Iron chestplate with protection 2

Iron leggings with protection 2

iron boots with protection 3

Iron sword with sharpness 4

stick with knockback 2

bow with power 5

64 cooked porkchop


buffs is just potions effects:


strength 1 inf

absorbtion 1 inf


and repair is a sign that repairs your held item


theres three jails each one getting more opened


so 1 is named "C":

you need to get a jailcell for money

then get some dirt from a illegal place in the sewer

and then place the dirt in your jailcell

then get wheat seeds and plant them in the places and some water in the middle from the sewer

you need to hide the dirt and seeds from the guards unless theyre gonna take all of it

btw the illegal place in the sewer is named "The blackmarket"
once you have gotten wheat you craft them into bread
and sell it for 800$ per bread meaning 64 bread = 50k

which is exactly the amount to rankup and you repeat it putting the price of rankup higher and some unique stuff in each rank

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I like this. I made a server here on Minehut a long time ago exactly as you described, nearly. It was fun. I encourage anyone out there to make a similar server again.

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