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Open Sign GUI not working


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I am trying to make a bank plugin where you can withdraw and deposit money into the bank.

I am going to use a sign GUI to get the player's input, with skEssentials


SkEssentials v1.0.5

skRayFall v1.9.28

SkQuery v4.1.10

However, it shows up with this error:

Can't understand this condition/effect: open sign gui for player with lines "Enter Number:", "", "", ""

Documentation: https://skripthub.net/docs/?id=10007

Here is my code:

on inventory click:
    if name of event-item is "§6Withdraw Coins":
        open sign gui for player with lines "Enter Number:", "", "", ""

Any help would be appreciated!

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i tried to change the text and other stuff, but nothing worked, i found this forum post:

but that also didn't work... the only thing i could think of is that image.png.62534d3b77613be1e6cc89517591a099.png is outdated. When doing /plugins and hovering SkEssentials it says  image.png.daa8f184ec5ea93e351647f3144a51a7.png
might just be outdated?

                                                                        Skærmbillede 2024-02-11 151140.png

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