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Server completely messed up



I updated to 1.20.4 just now and before that i created a backup. When it was done updating some of my plugins and datapacks were not working so I decided to revert back to the backup but it wasnt there. I dont know if it got deleted but now nothing is working and I can't log on anymore. Can anyone help me revert to 1.20.1 because it isnt in the change versions thing.

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If the backup is broken and does not work, but you absolutely need it, you could try contacting support as a last result:

Your plugins and datapacks broke when you updated as you need to update them to 1.20.4!

Your server broke likely because you tried to go back to 1.20.1 and your world was already upgraded to 1.20.4, causing corruption.

Support: https://support.minehut.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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