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Why Does My Minecraft Server Keep Crashing



Hello Minehut Community,

I've encountered a recurring issue that started about 2 days ago and I'm hoping for some insight. The problem is as follows: Whenever I join my world, everything seems normal at first. However, the moment one of my friends (we're playing cross-platform, which might be relevant) joins, my server crashes. This led me to wonder, "Why does my Minecraft server keep crashing?"

Initially, I suspected a problem with my PS4, so I tried accessing the server using my iPad, but unfortunately, I faced the same issue. This rules out device-specific problems. Furthermore, I'm unable to join my friends' worlds, though playing on external servers like The Hive poses no issue, which is puzzling.

The situation has left me in a dilemma. Should I avoid playing Minecraft until a new update is released in the hope that it resolves the issue (I'm very keen on not losing my world)? Or should I consider giving up on Minecraft entirely, a thought I find disheartening?

I'm beginning to suspect it could be an issue related to my account, but creating a new Microsoft account didn't solve the problem either, as I encountered issues linking it to my Minecraft account. This is especially frustrating when considering how instantly the Minecraft server exe closes upon these crashes.

If anyone has experienced similar issues or has any suggestions on how to resolve this, your help would be immensely appreciated. I'm at a loss and really unsure of what steps to take next.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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So you are using a Minehut hosted server correct?

May you reproduce the crash and send us your latest.log please? (Latest.log is available from File Manager > Logs > latest.log.txt)

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