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Need help adding a wait time to my spawn skript


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So I have a spawn skript and it instantly teleports you to spawn. Can anyone make it so it takes 5 seconds to teleport you there?

    prefix: &a&lGenPvPc &7&l| &f
    setSpawnCommandPermission: commands.setspawn
    noPermissionMessage: &cYou do not have permission to use this command.

command /spawn:
    description: Teleport to the spawn point.
    usage: /spawn
        if {spawn} is set:
            teleport player to {spawn}
            send "{@prefix} &aTeleported to &eSpawn&a!" to player
            send "{@prefix} &cSpawn is not set, please contact a server administrator to use &e/setspawn&c." to player

command /setspawn:
    permission: {@setSpawnCommandPermission}
    permission message: {@noPermissionMessage}
    description: Set the spawn point.
    usage: /setspawn
        set {spawn} to location of player
        send "{@prefix} &aLocation for &eSpawn&a has been set to your current location." to player

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