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Server is in Online Mode, only I don't use a cracked account



So I can't join my server because its in online mode. I understand that that means I can't access it with a cracked account, only my account is not cracked. I purchased Java edition and have been playing with my account on minehut for several months now. But all of the sudden as of yesterday afternoon after I disconnected, my server shut down, and then I tried to restart it and join, I can't join because it says server is in online mode. What is going on here?



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This has been a common issue today and, so far, no remedy has been found for it. I would assume that the Minehut development team have already located the issue and are in the process of resolving it, alongside adding more host nodes in order to increase server slots. I would recommend trying again later to check if you are still getting the same error.

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