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Multiverse World Import Crash



I am trying to import a superflat redstone world into my server. Every time I try to import it it crashes my server and when I restart it, it isn't imported. So then the same thing just happens when I try again. Does anyone know what do do? please help.

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There's a few reasons.

  1. The world is severely corrupted or it's a world made on a newer version than your server
  2. It's simply too much for Minehut to handle. Around 5-10gb is when worlds just start refusing to upload.

However, to know the reason for sure, recreate the crash then copy and paste all of the logs you got into https://pastebin.com and then send the link here so I can review the root cause of the crash.

However, when does it crash? when you do the /mv import command?


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1 hour ago, chipchip9 said:

It crashes as soon as I do the command. Also, where do I find the logs?

logs are found in your file manager.

1. Go to minehut.com and start your server

2. Click "Manage Server" and look for the File Manager tab at the top

3. Go to the logs folder. YOU CAN ONLY OPEN LATEST.LOG




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