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Help with enchanting items using skript


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Hi there everyone! I am experiencing some issues with a code that I am writing. I am trying to enchant an item using a variable, but no matter which addons i use, it either doesn't work, or gives me an error. Here is a sample of the code:

command /enchantitem <player> <number>:
        set {_p} to arg-1
        set {_level} to arg-2
        create a gui with virtual chest inventory named "&benchants":
            format gui slot 0 with enchanted book named "&bEfficiency":
                create a gui with virtual chest inventory with 1 rows named "&bEfficiency":
                    format gui slot 1 with enchanted book named "&bEfficiency":
                        enchant {_p}'s held item with efficiency level {_level}

I am using the following addons currently, but I am willing to download any other ones if it can make the code work:

- Skript

- SkBee

- SkQuery

- Skript-GUI

- Essentials

- LuckPerms

I would greately appreciate it if you can help me out!

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