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Extremely low and unplayable TPS.



Hey, i'm an australian server owner that averages around 20 players, usually this number would go up quite alot almost all the way to 50, recently i've noticed my server has been very laggy and unresponsive and i've been getting complaints about it, i've checked and the server usually starts to drop to 15 tps when we hit around 10 players, at 15 players the tps is at 10, once we hit 20-30 players the tps can go from 5-8 tps which makes player's gameplay extremely unplayable, i've done a timing's test here:

I've taken a quick look at this report, however, i'm not a full profesional on minecraft ticks and server processes, all i've taken out of this is that one of the main things bringing down the TPS is CrazyEnchantment's, i'm hoping that i can skript an auto-pickup skript and maybe a blast skript or things like that to replace this. 

It would be great if anyone could please take a look and tell me what else i can do to fix this or what is causing the lag!


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