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On damage:

  If victim is named "&aZombie boss":

    Set {lastdamage.%uuid of attacker%} to now


    remove bossbar "damage.%uuid of attacker%"

    set {_health} to health of victim

    set {_healthmax} to max health of victim

    set {_healthmaxtot} to {_health} / {_healthmax} * 100

    create bossbar titled "&7&lZombie boss" and id "damage.%uuid of attacker%" for attacker with progress {_healthmaxtot} with colors red


    wait 10 seconds

    set {_waited} to difference between {lastdamage.%uuid of attacker%} and now

    if {_waited} is more than 9.5 seconds:

      remove bossbar "damage.%uuid of attacker%"




Just name the boss: &aZombie boss

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