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End Portal frame check


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Hi im working a litle skript for my server and i want to know if it is possible to check if an end portal has an eye in it or not 

#Chek End Portal
on rightclick:
 if target block is end portal frame:
  if player's tool = ender eye:
   if target block is = end portal frame eye=true:
    send formatted "&4&lThat Fram has alredy been filled" to player
    if target block is = end portal frame eye=false:
     send formatted "&5You placed One &kf&r&5 Eye &kf&r" to player
     send formatted "&4&lYou dont have an Eye to put on the frame!!!!!" to player


this is the skrit that i ahve and it send me a error message saying that he could not compare the end portla frame eye=true  if some one could help me this i would be very gratefull (the server is 1.17.1 and the skript version is thenewes i guess (minehut doesnot tell me that info)


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