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Nqrf's JrMod Application

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Your IGN: Nqrf

Your Discord (Test#0001): Nqrf#2820

Age: 13

Time zone: EST

What is you're current rank?: Default

Do you have a working mic?: Yes

Do you have any previous punishments?: N/A

How many hours are you able to be on the server?: 4+ hours a day

How active can you be per week?: 28+ hours a week

Do you have any past moderating experience? If so, briefly describe it: I'm staff on HiveMinez: https://discord.gg/Zwh65E6vHs

Why do you want to become a staff member on KitX?: I like minecraft and am very intelligent when it comes to computers I enjoy helping people and will never give up, I wanted to join the KitX staff team because I feel like I will fit in with the rest of the staff members because they're all nice and very mature, I enjoy playing the server and love playing on it, it's well coded and I want to be staff on a well coded server, the community is really nice they help people even though they don't have staff, they're very nice people and I enjoy playing with them.

Why should we pick your application than other applications?: I can detect hacks/auto clickers easily and I could help people if they need it. I will listen to staff and will try my best to do what they asked, I will respect everyone even if I have a higher rank then them, I will not troll/abuse my powers and I will use them accordingly. I will not mute/ban people for stupid reasons and I will not ban someone unless I know for a fact that they're hacking.

What is one of your strengths & weaknesses?: Strengths: I can learn fast Weakness: I'm overconfident

Do you know how to screen share & find Ghost Clients? (Yes/No): No (I can learn though)

Do you use any Screen Share tools? (Yes/No): No (I can download them)

Anything else?: N/A

Edited by Agne

Rank: [VIP]
Pronouns: He/Him




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Accepted Contact Fares Or Artifacting In discord for a Interview.


• 4-5 years of skript experience
• 6 Months of active java experience
• 2 Years of javascript and python experience


Helpful Stuff:
Appeals and Reports  - Here | Minehut  Global And forums rules - Here

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