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Your IGN: Hydroyeti and Limpantheking(I think)

Your Discord (Test#0001):Hydroyeti#0001


Time zone: Centeral USA

What is you're current rank?: None

Do you have a working mic?: Yes but I don't like talking

Do you have any previous punishments?: No

How many hours are you able to be on the server?: As many as possible

How active can you be per week?: 7 days a week

Do you have any past moderating experience? If so, briefly describe it: Yes i am helper on BoxFightz

Why do you want to become a staff member on KitX?: To gain more experience as a Minecraft and/or Discord moderator to allow myself to apply for higher positions in other Minecraft/Discord Servers. I want to be a mod because I have experience with hackers and I can tell whether or not someone is hacking fairly easily.

Why should we pick your application than other applications?: I am admin on some servers but not big ones and want to use this as a learning experience.

What is one of your strengths & weaknesses?: I am good at spoting hackers.

Do you know how to screen share & find Ghost Clients? (Yes/No): Kind of. I can learn how to find them more.

Do you use any Screen Share tools? (Yes/No): Yes, Anydesk

Anything else?: No. 

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Accepted Please contact a manager for a Interview!


• 4-5 years of skript experience
• 6 Months of active java experience
• 2 Years of javascript and python experience


Helpful Stuff:
Appeals and Reports  - Here | Minehut  Global And forums rules - Here

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