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command /bounty <player> [<number>]:
        if arg-1 is not set:
            send "&cUsage: /bounty <player> [<text>]" to player
        else if arg-2 is not set:
            send "&cUsage: /bounty <player> [<text>]" to player
        else if arg-1 and arg-2 is set:
            remove arg-2 from arg-2
            broadcast "&7[&6BOUNTY&7] &6%player's name% added $%arg-2% to %arg-1%"
            add arg-2 to {bounty::%arg-1's uuid%}

command /bountyreset <player>:
    permission: bountyreset
    permission message: &7(&c!&7) Cannot execute that command.
        send "&7(&c!&7) successfully set %arg-1% to 0"
        set {bounty::%arg-1's uuid%} to 0

on death:
    victim is a player
    attacker is a player
    if {bounty::%victim's uuid%} is 0:
        add 0 to players balance
        send "&7(&c!&7) Successfully added $%{bounty::victim's uuid%}% to your balance."
        add {bounty::%victim's uuid%} to player's balance

on death:
    victim is a player
    send "&7(&C!&7) You died and lost $%{bounty::%victim's uuid%}% worth of bounty" to victim
    set {bounty::%victim's uuid%} to 0



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There are a couple of sections where you say player's balance in the death section which will return an error because you can only put attacker or victim so just change those. In the /bounty section what those remove arg-2 from arg-2? Did you mean remove arg-2 from player's balance. Also you can add minus bounty's like -1 so you should fix that as well. But everything else is good 🙂 

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